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You think I'm Vicious...?

You don't know what Vicious IS!!

23 February
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私は...馬鹿です。 Eh. これは生活です。

You can IM me at "Gyaretto" (AIM) or add me at "garrett87@satx.rr.com" (MSN) if you ever wanna chat. Oh but I rarely accept IMs from people I don't know on AIM since there are so many spam bots, so leave me a swell little comment on this hurr LJ telling me your name first so I can know to click the little 'yes' button, ya? ;-)

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Date Created:10.10.03
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A&M - Corpus Christi student. Funny and a little weird. I can be a geek, but I can also be the coolest mother fucker you'll ever meet.
Strengths: I'd rather not toot my own horn.
Weaknesses: I'm too fucking nice to people, they seem to enjoy taking advantage of it. It sucks.
Special Skills: I can go a very long time without sleep. Oh, and I'm good with my tongue.
Weapons: Sword collection?
Favorite Quote(s):: "'Man, if I had a ship like that, the girls would be all over me like salt on a peanut!'
'Hell's yeah!'
'Hell's yeah.'"

"Suck on that!!"

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